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The Hardwood Federation brings together 28 associations dedicated to promoting and supporting the hardwood industry. We are the voice of the industry in Washington and we are proud to represent you. 

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The Biden Administration has put a priority on reducing atmospheric carbon.  The products derived from our hardwood forests are part of the solution!  Well managed, sustainable forests provide the raw materials to our mills and manufacturers.  Products made from trees sequester significant amounts of carbon...up to 50%...for the lifetime of the product, which could be years. For more information on the carbon benefits of hardwood products, check out our Issues Page.  You can also click on the below graphic to visit the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) resource on Forest Carbon from Young vs. Old Forests.

Washington Watch

Welcome to the First Session of the 117th Congress.

The Senate will be in session this week.  Congress is back and will be working frantically over the next few weeks coming up on Memorial day with an Administration and Congressional focus on (in no particular order):  infrastructure, taxes, police reform, gun control, a Jan. 6 commission, Capitol security, election reform and China, among other topics.

The House of Representatives will be back in session from Tuesday May 11th - Friday May 14th. 

Hearing in Agriculture Forest & Conservation Subcommittee on Wednesday May 12th at 10:00AM EST - "Title II Conservation Programs:  Exploring Climate Smart Practices"

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