You’ve worked hard to ensure the success of your company, but misguided public policies may jeopardize your company’s future. That’s why the Hardwood Federation works on your behalf to protect the future of the hardwood industry. Decisions are made every day in Washington that affect our industry.  The volume of information that influences these decisions is staggering.  When you are talking about an industry like ours – one that is at the forefront of environmental and energy issues – the risk of not having a presence in Washington is far too great.

The Hardwood Federation is an umbrella organization that serves as the voice in Washington, D.C. for the United States hardwood industry.  It represents numerous local, regional and national trade associations that serve hardwood businesses in every state in the nation.

We work to maintain a healthy business environment for the small and medium-sized companies that make up the majority of the U.S. hardwood industry. Our team monitors legislative issues that will impact our industry and lobbies Congress, the Administration and U.S. agencies and departments on behalf of hardwood businesses.  They are your eyes and ears in Washington, D.C.

To continue our efforts and successfully support the industry, we need your support!  There are two ways to support the Hardwood Federation.  One is through contributions to the Hardwood Federation Corporate Fund; the other is by making contributions to the Hardwood Federation Political Action Committee (PAC). 

  • The Hardwood Federation Corporate Fund supports advocacy activities and the day-to-day operations of the Hardwood Federation offices.  Contributions to this fund can be made by businesses and are tax deductible.  Click here to view our Corporate Contribution Form.
  • Hardwood Federation PAC funds are used to financially support those members of Congress from both sides of the aisle that champion our industry.  Contributions to the PAC must be made by individuals from their personal accounts. To participate in HFPAC you must first fill out a Prior Approval Form so our PAC officials can discuss the PAC with you.  This form is essentially an “okay” from you and your company that says you were solicited in an appropriate way and it covers anyone who would like to give from your company.  Giving your prior approval does not obligate you or anyone in your company to make a financial commitment, it simply gives you the opportunity to learn more and choose to support the PAC or not.  You can download our Prior Approval Form here or contact Bryan Brendle at bryan.brendle@hardwoodfederation.com or (202) 463-5186 for more information.
You can learn more about the Hardwood Federation by calling 202-463-2705.

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