The Hardwood Federation Political Action Committee (HFPAC) is one of the most important tools we have to help represent the industry in Washington.  HFPAC helps us educate Members of Congress, their staff, and candidates for Congress.  Participation is voluntary but strongly encouraged.

What is HFPAC?

HFPAC is a political action committee funded by your personal dollars, which then in turn offers this money to Members of Congress and candidates, regardless of political party, for Federal Office who use the money for their campaigns. 

How does HFPAC support the hardwood industry?

HFPAC is the industry's best advocate for strong public policy on the Federal level.  HFPAC works district by district across the nation to support Federal candidates for office who understand, or need to be educated on, the hardwood industry's unique make-up and support its public policy goals. 

Specifically, HFPAC:

  • Fulfills the Hardwood Federation's vision, values and beliefs by being active in the political process;
  • Identifies and supports Members of Congress and candidates who understand and support our agenda or need to be educated;
  • Voices support for, or opposition to, policies that affect the hardwood industry.
HFPAC broadens the the group of Congressional allies willing to raise their voices and help achieve results on the industry's behalf. HFPAC expands your political influence beyond your own district.

    Why should I contribute to HFPAC?

    HFPAC, while managed by HF, belongs to the industry.  It is designed to strengthen elected officials’ understanding of the hardwood industry and advocate on the industry’s behalf in Washington and lets your voice be heard.  These are your personal, not corporate, dollars at work and the more that HFPAC is able to reach elected officials and candidates, the stronger the industry's position at the table. 

    As a prominent Member of Congress once put it, "If you aren't at the table, then you are on the menu."  This is your chance to be at the table.

    Contributions to HFPAC must be from individuals only, up to $5,000 per year and can only be used for PAC related expenses.  Participation is 100% voluntary.

    How does HFPAC decide who to contribute to?

    The HFPAC Board determines Member of Congress and candidates who will receive HFPAC support.  The Board selects candidates for support based on the following criteria:

    • Champion for issues that matter most to the hardwood industry
    • Voting record on key issues to the hardwood industry
    • Holds or has potential to hold a leadership position or has a position on a relevant committee to the hardwood industry
    • Hardwood facilities located in the elected official or candidate's voting district or state
    • Recommendation from industry partner associations.

    What's the next step?

    To participate in HFPAC you must first fill out a Prior Approval Form so our PAC officials can discuss the PAC with you.  This form is essentially an “okay” from you and your company that says you were solicited in an appropriate way and it covers anyone who would like to give from your company.  Giving your prior approval does not obligate you or anyone in your company to make a financial commitment, it simply gives you the opportunity to learn more and choose to support the PAC or not.  You can download our Prior Approval Form here or contact Bryan Brendle at or (202) 463-5186 for more information.
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