The Hardwood Federation is the largest DC-based hardwood industry trade association, representing thousands of hardwood businesses in every state in the U.S. and acting as the industry's advocacy voice on Capitol Hill.

It is an umbrella organization representing the majority of trade associations engaged in the manufacturing, wholesaling, or distribution of North American hardwood lumber, veneer, plywood, flooring and related products.

The Hardwood Federation Board and Hardwood Federation Political Action Committee (HFPAC) Board include industry leaders from a variety of industry sectors from across the country. 

To learn about the Hardwood Federation contact Executive Director Dana Lee Cole at or (202) 463-2705.  You can also reach out to the Hardwood Federation's Policy & PAC Director Bryan Brendle at or (202) 463-5186.

Our Vision & Mission

The vision of the Hardwood Federation is to have a healthy hardwood community.

The Federation’s mission is to:

• Promote and represent the common business interests of and improve business conditions among members of the hardwood industry

• Maintain a healthy business environment for family businesses and small companies in the hardwood community

• Maintain commercial access to federal and private hardwood timberlands

• Maintain and improve the health of public and private hardwood forests

Our History

In April 2004, the leaders of the hardwood industry united to form the Federation and present a strong voice for the hardwood industry on legislative issues impacting hardwood communities. At the same time the Hardwood Federation was incorporated, the industry established the Hardwood Federation Political Action Committee which can accept individual contributions from families involved in our industry. Over $330,000 was raised in the 2006 election cycle for hardwood friendly candidates.

Companies in the hardwood industry are predominantly small, family-owned businesses, dependent upon a sustainable supply of healthy timber resources. With facilities and employees in all 50 states, we have an impressive grass roots network coupled with a longstanding tradition of sustainable forest management. The tremendous success of hardwood industry forest management has led to a 90% increase of hardwoods stands in U.S. forests in the last fifty years.

The Hardwood Federation and its members believe it is critical to keep American companies operating and our citizens employed given the impressive record of forest stewardship and the growing consumer demand for hardwood products. The visionary leaders who came together in 2004 to form a partnership to help protect and promote the hardwood industry’s interests in the public policy arena believe that by uniting, we can and will keep the hardwood industry viable for future generations.

Our Members

Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group, Inc.

American Hardwood Export Council

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.

Appalachian Lumbermen's Club

Decorative Hardwood Association

Empire State Forest Products Association

Hardwood Manufacturers Association

Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association

Kentucky Forest Industries Association

Lake States Lumber Association

Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association

Missouri Forest Products Association

National Hardwood Lumber Association

National Wood Flooring Association

National Woodland Owners Association

Northeastern Loggers' Association

Pennsylvania Forest Products Association

Penn-York Lumbermen's Club

Railway Tie Association

Southern Cypress Manufacturers Club

Southwestern Hardwood Manufacturers Club

Tennessee Forestry Association

Virginia Forestry Association

Western Hardwood Association

Westside Hardwood Club

Wood Component Manufacturers Association

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